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Tim Shurr has conducted thousands of hypnotherapy sessions, is an expert at coaching CEO’s and founders on mindset, and has a passion for helping people grow their belief. In this episode, Tim shares why people struggle with belief and what they can to do improve.


Tim’s Bio:

Tim Shurr is President of Shurr Success, Inc., a leadership and sales training company that saves companies 6-figures by lowering high employee costs! After studying human behavior for the last 32 years and facilitating over 15,000 Hypnosis sessions, Tim discovered how to upgrade unconscious mental programming so you can achieve at the highest level! He’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS and the TEDx stage. Tim is also an award-winning speaker and host of the popular podcast, How To Be Mesmerizing! Tim has written six books including Get Out Of Your Way and One Belief Away.

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Episode Quotes:

What keeps us stuck is a belief.   A belief that is oftentimes formed in childhood.

What would I have to believe to feel this way?

What messages are you sending the people you are supposed to be leading?

Sabotage comes from the idea that you are operating from a belief that is holding you back.

The situations have not created the belief.  The belief from when you were little caused you to act in a way that created these experiences.


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