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You have a job that you either mildly like or can’t stand and want to leave your salary and benefits to go full-time as an entrepreneur however you are terrified. How do you get the courage to leave that security and go out and live your dreams?

In this episode, Susan interviews Jordan Mendoza, host of the Blaze Your Own Trail podcast, entrepreneur, and father of five. Jordan gives his advice for pursuing your dreams and taking your part-time venture into a full-time reality.


Jordan’s Bio:

Jordan is the Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC where he helps businesses grow and scale through strategic Marketing, Sales & Leadership coaching & consulting.


Key Quotes:

“The struggle might be real, but the good news is that every struggle has a free gift called a lesson.”

“Going backwards is never a good thing.  We always want to move forward, and that may mean that we have to pivot.”

“Have you created yourself an ecosystem?  A place to be found that gets everybody to all the best places that you want to be found.”

“Keep your eyes on what your goals are, what you want to focus on, and know what your true values are.”

“Your employer is your first investor.”


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