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Life hacks are shortcuts to achieving more of the things we want in our life.

Some life hacks enable us to achieve more in less time, develop positive personal characteristics quicker, be more confident, and much more.

Have you considered what life hacks might help you in your quest for work life balance, being more productive, or that may help you be more confident quickly and easily?

There are times in every person’s life when it feels like everyone and everything is working against you. It may seem like your world is crashing down and it’s hard to find hope anywhere.

Maybe you goofed up with a client or big account. Maybe you feel like you failed in some way as a parent, spouse, or friend. Perhaps you’ve even found yourself with financial problems – of your own doing or not – and you may have even been fired or let go by an employer or your own customer.

All of these things have the ability to plummet us way down from our normal level of operation—even if we typically stay in a balanced living state where we are mostly in control and successful.

Yet, the show must go on… Most of us can’t afford to just “check out” when the going gets tough. We have to work, we have to take care of our family, and we have to take care of ourselves.

To reiterate, life hacks are tricks – shortcuts – we can take to make life a little easier when we need a bit of help.

The 4 life hacks below can help you be more confident – so you can function in your personal life and professionally – when all you feel like really is falling apart.

Confidence life hack 1 – Learning to control what you can in times of conflict can help you be more confident

When life seems out of control, often, the best way to handle this is to control the things you can and accept the things you cannot. What can you control easily and without much thought when you’re not thinking clearly?  

You can get organized. You can work on improving your time management skills. You can work on your personal development and your professional development.

You can take control of your life in the areas where you are in total charge of both the process and the outcome.

Confidence life hack 2 – Get centered, get grounded, and get on with it

confidence life hacks 1 - get organizedWhen the last thing you think you can be, is be more confident, meditation – guided meditation or meditation alone – can help you get back to who you really are inside. This is who you are at your core and not who you are in light of any current situation.

If you are too scattered, momentarily distracted, or overwhelmed, to calm yourself and meditate on your own, then find a guided meditation to use.

Put it on and just try to relax, letting the voice on the other end tell you what to do for just a little while until you can get centered again and move forward with renewed confidence and energy.

Confidence life hack 3 – Practice positive affirmations and positive visualization that can help you be more confident to get back in – and on – your game

confidence life hacks 1 - all things are possibleSome people may scoff at positive affirmations and positive visualization techniques. However, there is actually a lot of science behind the impact visualization and positive affirmations can have both on your perspective and outcomes you are able to achieve.

When you need to build – or rebuild – your confidence both of these methods of personal development and personal attention may be just the thing to get you past the hump and back on solid ground.

Confidence life hack 4 – Let others help

confidence life hacks 1 - be confidentWhen we are accustomed to being in control of our own life and career – steering our own ship and being darned good at it – it can be hard to relinquish the reins.

Yet, if something has happened to (even temporarily) derail that positive flow, sometimes the best way to regain confidence in ourselves – to be confident enough to dust ourselves off and start moving forward again – we may need to just let go.

In these times, it may be in our best interest – and the best interest of our career and personal life – to let others help us when we are weak. Sometimes, the best way to get back up is to take someone else’s hand…

Remember: all things are possible and this too, shall pass

Perhaps the most important way to shake yourself out of a funk and get going again is to just accept whatever it is (whatever happened), for what it is, and then release it.

Release the anger. Release the blame. Release the fear or whatever else it is that you are feeling and start acting. Truly ask yourself, “What else is possible?”

Yes, you’ve experienced a setback and it may have been bad. And – perhaps – it could get worse. BUT – what else is possible?

Could things get better? Could there be a blessing in disguise within this situation you might be missing? Is there a way you can use this setback in some way for your own good or the good of others?

All things are possible. Nothing is impossible. Maybe, just maybe, you might come out of this with something that will advance your career or life in ways you haven’t yet considered.

The bottom line is you can be confident – you can overcome – even when it seems dark and bleak at the moment.

Yes, those down periods in our life can totally stink. They can be painful, hurtful, and even frightening.

But – as “they” say – life goes on… YOU must go on… and you can prevail. You may even find you come out stronger – and can be more confident and be more successful than ever before – on the other side.



Susan Sly is a Balanced Living, Work Life Balance, and Productivity Expert.  She is an author, speaker and leader of women entrepreneurs.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and Lifetime Television.  Susan is the mother of five children.  She, and her husband, Chris, reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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