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Female founders are in short supply however the statistics illustrate that companies with at least one female founder perform significantly better than those without.  These 8 stats about female founders  exemplify both the power of having women at the helm and also demonstrate how far we have yet to go.

We have a long way to go to bridge the gap between 2% of tech companies that have at least one female founder and a healthier 50%. 

The good news is that the support for women founders has never been stronger. With incubators and women-led VC funds on the rise, the time is right for women to jump into the startup community and boldly take their ideas, wisdom, and drive to build the startups that will become the household names of tomorrow.

Here are 8 statistics about female founders in the 2% that serve as starting point metrics that can allow us to build from until the numbers truly represent beautiful diversity.



Less than 2% of US based tech startups have at least one female founder.

The average female founder is 42 years old. The average age of Silicon Valley tech founders who have a successful exit is 47 years old.


Female only founded companies raise less than 17% of companies that have both a male and at least one female on the founding team.

In the last five years, 2,000 female only founded companies received funding versus 4,000 for male-female founded companies, and 22,000 for male only founded companies. 

Female-led startups receive only 2.3% of traditional VC funding. 

Female-led startups have a 69.5% success rate with crowdfunding.


Private tech companies led by women achieve 35% higher ROI.

US based female-owned businesses generate over $1.8 trillion dollars per year.



Susan Sly

Author Susan Sly

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