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Working relationships can be tough – especially when your co-worker is your spouse or partner!

Ask The Expert: “My husband and I have started working together in our home based business.  Each of us is trying to be the ‘boss’ and it isn’t working.  What do you suggest?”

I work with quite a number of couples in home-based businesses and this is a common issue: working relationships. It’s a reflection of the “power struggle” stage of relationships.

Our unresolved authority figure issues are playing out in our business interactions.

Of course, our first “authority figures” were the people who raised us.  Therefore, once again, our unresolved childhood issues are being triggered as we try to create working relationships separate from personal ones.  Who best to trigger them than the person closest to us?

Being aware that we are being triggered by these special “working relationships” is the first step.

When we become triggered, we enter that neurological state of “fight or flight”. This is where the adrenaline is pumping and we are reacting from our primitive, reptilian brain. Taking a few deep breaths will support us to reset our neural network so we can begin to override this reactivity and get back to choice.

Remind yourselves, “I am in partnership with the person I love. We are on the same side. We are a team.”

From that place the two of you can go deeper into a heart space, not an ego space. From there, you can find the best solution in the moment and not be concerned with who is right, or who is smarter or who is better.

All of that is an illusion anyway.

The working relationship, the personal relationship, and the business is about “we” not about “me”.

Practice on developing the truest of all working relationships – a real partnership where you each contribute your unique gifts. The end result will be the creation of an incredible relationship which will form the core basis of your incredible business. Make sense?

Dr. Adam Sheck

Dr. Adam Sheck, the Passion Doctor, has been supporting committed couples bring back the passion and reignite the spark in their relationships for almost twenty-five years. He supports singles to understand and change their relationship patterns so that they can co-create  healthy, loving relationships, first with themselves, then with others. He combines psychological and spiritual principles with a dash of Tantra to make it interesting. He’s a man in the second half of life who is direct, humorous and has enough Brooklyn in him to get the job done. You may learn more about him at where he blogs about relationships, both personal and professional while there, you can also download his free special report “20 Rituals for Romance. Dr. Adam is also available for complementary telephone consultations for those who are serious.


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