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Working Together & Growing Apart?

“Sometimes you’re married to work; other times you are married at work.” ~Katherine Reynolds Lewis

A Very Special Power Call with Susan Sly & Special Guest, Dr. Adam Sheck – The Passion Doctor

What are the best strategies to create balance, harmony and respect when you work alongside your partner?  Dr. Adam gives our listeners his best guidance to avoid ‘Working Together & Growing Apart’;   We want you to foster relationships that GROW TOGETHER STRONG.

Dr. Adam Sheck, the Passion Doctor is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Couples Counselor and Relationship Coach. He has taught graduate school in Marriage and Family Therapy and been Director of Psychology Training at a Community Mental Health Center. He has a private practice in Los Angeles (and around the world through Skype & telephone), supporting couples and singles to understand their Relationship Blueprints, to move out of their heads and into their bodies and into their hearts, to create incredible relationships with themselves and those in their lives. He employs a psychospiritual approach incorporating what he has learned in almost 25 years in the field, adding a dash of tantric techniques and just enough Brooklyn to compassionately confront what needs to be faced. He blogs about relationships, passion and purpose at his website, 




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