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Organize Your Life: Featured Student       Stacy M.


Prior to Organize Your Life, I was a stressed out overachiever who was no longer achieving anything and who couldn’t wrap my mind around why life had to be so HARD. I remember my first class, telling Susan, “I always feel like I am failing at life.” I wanted some simple tools to increase my income in my home based business and to cope with being a single mom. That was almost three years ago. I’ve now taken the course four times and will continue to take it each time it is offered. Does that mean it doesn’t work? Absolutely not! When I wanted to be a ballerina, did I take six weeks of classes and just poof?! I became a ballerina, just that easy? No – try 12 years before my first production of the Nutcracker. Does a brain surgeon take six hours of training to learn how to save lives? Nope. So why do we feel like undoing decades worth of ineffective habits can be done in only six weeks? This is a lifestyle, and the reason I’m getting the results I am now is because I’m committed to the lifestyle, not just the course. And commitment to the lifestyle means taking the course every time it’s offered. Each time I took the course, I let go of more that did not serve me. Each time I took the course, I got better at scheduling, valuing my time, and organizing. But what I really got out of the class was a sense of self-worth. A sense of power. And most importantly, a sense of hope. 

I was hopeless prior to the class. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea how to REALLY put it together. Now, I have hope that my life of financial freedom and time abundance is on its way, something that NEVER would have happened without this awesome and very simple course. And the best part is – this course has allowed me to improve my relationships with those people that are important to me. I’ve become a better mom, a better daughter, and most surprisingly, a better ex-wife!! I have gone from someone who had anger in her heart to someone who respects and honors her ex-husband. My friends look at me like I’m crazy! I NEVER in a million years thought I’d have my first husband painting my office – the “juju” would have been too bad, but part of organizing your life is letting go of that which does not serve you, and seeing my first husband as the bad guy was not the quality of life that was serving me. So during the last course (it took me three times to hear the same message before I took action), he painted my office with our daughter. My office is now my favorite spot in my home and I’m honored that he took the time to do that for me. OYL gave me that. 

OYL has allowed me to get real with myself, without judgment, and celebrate everything in my life without beating myself up. My business is growing, my heart is soaring, and I know that my life is infinitely more organized than it was before. It’s a process and a journey – but that’s exactly what life is! 


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