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I am writing this week’s 3 from Boulder, Colorado.  Last night I attended my cousin’s outdoor wedding which featured live entertainment and an opportunity to see some of my Canadian family members.  After the wedding, guests were invited to write a ‘message in a bottle’ – words of wisdom for the bride and groom on their first, third, and fifth anniversary.  My message was simple, ‘always remember the moment you fell in love and you will be just fine.’

In life, and business, we can ebb and flow.  There are the highs of bringing on new clients, having winning months, personal victories like achieving new results in the gym, having a baby, or a child receiving some form of special recognition.  There are also lows – clients who leave, less than stellar sales months, people who criticize us, illness, loss, and other forms of frustration.  So, what does my cousin’s wedding have to do with your business – the answer is simple – always remember the moment you fell in love with the idea of being in business and you will be just fine.

Speaking of life and business, it has been an interesting week.  At Step Into Your Power™ our focus is to help you become more productive, profitable, and make progress – the 3 P’s.  One of the most cataclysmic events that can take us out of production is identity theft; that is my first of The 3 this week.  The 2nd and 3rd tips include something fun, fresh, and new, and a simple tool to help you, your team, and even your kids, become more productive.


1.Strategies to Navigate The Equifax Data Breach

On my weekly FB Live Show, I shared simple tips to help you whether you think your data has been breached or not.  Watch It Here.  PS – it is also posted to YouTube™.


2. Brandon Steiner’s New Show

Brandon is a great friend of mine and the master of hustle – from food stamps to a multi-millionaire, this guy gets ‘it.’  His new show promises to deliver edgy, in-your-face advice for anyone wanting to go for their goals.   Project X” will air on Brandon Steiner’s Facebook page.


3. Task Assign on Google Docs

This week we had AJ’s college transition meeting.  He is a sophomore, however with some special learning challenges, his school likes to begin this process early.  One topic that came up was group projects.  AJ doesn’t like it when other kids procrastinate and leave the work to the last minute – who does?

I shared with AJ, and the team, that sometimes people procrastinate because they are not clear on the task.  Something simple like assigning tasks on Google Drive is an easy, free way to gain clarity.  Many schools use Google Drive so why not use this free tool.  PS – it is not just for kids, adults, and businesses, can use it too.

Anyway, my friends, I am off to enjoy some Colorado sunshine, get a workout in, and meet-up with some business associates.  Wishing you an epic week ahead.



Susan Sly

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