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I – and other successful entrepreneurs – often get asked for entrepreneurial advice.

“How did you go from being on government assistance to building a multi-million dollar business?”

This is the question Lisa Nichols is most often asked during interviews. And she has been interviewed a lot. And asked for entrepreneurial advice a lot.

Lisa Nichols’ inspiring rags-to-riches story of how she was able to overcome challenges and become a successful entrepreneur, is a real-life reminder that anything is possible.

At one point, Lisa was down to a little more than $11 in her bank account, just her and her 8 month old son, with the baby’s father in jail. Things were bleak. It would have been so easy to just give in and succumb to a future of poverty and misery.

But it was at that point, Lisa made a decision; she made the choice to break the mindset and the habits that were holding her back. She was no longer willing to accept the pain and the hardship. She embraced new mentality and a new process, ones that turned her life into a life of “clarity, passion, perseverance, and accomplishment.” In her latest book, Abundance Now, she describes a process she calls The 4 Es. The following 4 Es were the key in Lisa transforming her life into one of ultimate fulfillment:

  1. Enrichment
  2. Enchantment
  3. Engagement
  4. Endowment

Within the principles of the 4 Es are tools and skills needed for self-development, guidelines for improving and creating amazing relationships, integration of a business and entrepreneurial lifestyle, and strategies for creating wealth, abundance, and anything that your vision allows.

Lisa is Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., which focuses on personal and business development training. Lisa’s platforms have reached over 30 million people, and her programs have positively impacted the lives of men and women by showing them how to unlock their full potential.

Lisa spoke at a conference my team and I were attending recently and we were lucky enough to have a few precious minutes of her time and a few sage words of advice for the entrepreneurs out there.




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