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If five entrepreneurs start businesses today, how many will still be functioning 18 months from now? Get SWOT tested to know where you stand!

According to Bloomberg, only one of those five businesses will survive that time span. So what is it that makes starting a profitable business so elusive? There are plenty of ideas.  There is plenty of opportunity.  There is plenty of funding,  And there are millions of people with a passion.

A lot of times the reason businesses don’t make it is simply because people don’t understand how to run a business.

Getting SWOT tested can help you evaluate your business from an honest viewpoint so you know where to start, what to do, and how to course correct when necessary.

Business is more than a great idea – it is a skill – one that takes knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge. Simply handing everything over to an accountant or advisor to handle YOUR business is a recipe for disaster. Nobody will look after your best interests as well as you will, so you have to arm yourself with the knowledge to prepare for success. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t delegate certain duties to allow for greater efficiency, but you must be aware and involved with the business aspect of your business.

Business models can be simple or complicated, and there are countless ways to realize success in the business world. But there are certain ‘skills’ that all entrepreneurs will need to be able to function efficiently and assure the greatest chance for prosperity – skills like how to read a profit and loss statement, how to truly measure your business, how to plan for taxes, and much more.


In the business world, there is a term called the SWOT test – which is an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of an organization, giving a full-circle perspective on where your business currently stands. The analysis provides valuable information and insights that allow you to clearly define goals and objectives going forward. A SWOT analysis not only provides a baseline as a starting point, but subsequent analyses will allow you to measure your progress.

In our course, SWOT Tested, businesses will be given the knowledge necessary to forge into the rarified air of the 20% that survive. Topics range from developing a business plan and strategically implementing that plan to increasing profitability as your business grows. This course is excellent for businesses of all types, from small, sole proprietorships, to businesses with employees, to network marketing.


small image of balanced living expert Susan SlySusan Sly: Susan Sly is a productivity specialist, best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in Forbes Magazine Online.  Susan is the author of 7 books.  Her book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists. 

She has completed the Boston Marathon 5X and placed Top 10 in the Pro Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia.  Susan is passionate about philanthropy and has dedicated a significant amount of time and money working to liberate girls from trafficking and invest in education to support women and girls who have survived trauma and abuse both domestically and overseas.

Susan is the mother of five children and resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Susan truly believes we can have it all.


David Campbell: After years of world-class technology training in the U.S. Navy, David Campbell thought that when he left the service, his experience would lead to a solid career in IT. But after a huge staff reduction at, where he served as technical services manager, he made the life-changing decision to pursue entrepreneurship.

David founded and serves as the CEO of Tier One Services, a fractional CFO and management consulting firm driven by Campbell’s powerful and empowering dedication to mastering strategies that transform the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs. His purpose and mission is to cultivate sustainable businesses, committed to honoring the dignity of all living things. David dedicates himself to helping his clients implement key strategic actions to take their game to a higher level.

Jaime Campbell: Jaime Campbell, CPA, MBA, CGMA, CTT, MCT is co-owner and CFO of Tier One Services. Jaime uses her accounting and business intelligence skills to move entrepreneurs from possibility to reality. She is an avowed geek and loves to combine her analytical skills with her coaching training to deliver accounting information in such a way that clients see their business future in a whole new light.

Her clients have accelerated their revenues, spotted new opportunities, reduced risks, and raised millions of dollars in capital using Jaime’s models, forecasts, budgets, reports, and advice.Prior to starting Tier One Services, Jaime has ten years’ experience in a regional CPA firm serving as Director of Specialized Services and was a Business Technology Instructor at Princeton Adult School and an adjunct accounting professor at Kean University.



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