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Jesse Todisco bottomed out selling and using drugs before enlisting in the Navy. After his baby daughter died in his arms, he knew that he had to turn his pain into purpose. Today, Jesse is a successful entrepreneur, host of the Jesse Tee Show, and founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners, a firm that teaches people how to find ‘holistic’ wealth.

This is the show for you if you have gone through tragedy, are looking for the energy and discipline to move forward, or simply searching inspiration. Jesse brings all of this and more in this powerful interview.

Jesse’s Bio:

Jesse is the founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners, a registered investment advisory firm located in Atlanta, GA and hosts The Jesse Tee Show podcast. A mindset focused podcast that teaches anyone hunting greatness in business, spirituality health and wellness and relationships, the secrets to success.

At an early age Jesse realized he had a knack for being an entrepreneur. He would buy, sell and trade comic books and sports cards. He also would set up carnival games for his friends to play for spare change. Growing up in Boston, during the harsh winter months, Jesse would shovel his neighbors sidewalks and driveways earning a few dollars and other times, a cup of hot chocolate.

In 2006, Jesse moved to Georgia and resumed his entrepreneurial path after leaving the military. He founded a series of successful companies that brought him to Charlotte, NC. After building an organization, Jesse experienced the loss of his daughter, Alana. He decided to move back to the Atlanta area to be closer to friends and family.

In 2011, Jesse entered the world of financial care giving. Since then, he has become more passionate about upholding his fiduciary responsibility to those he serves.

Jesse is the proud father of two beautiful boys. A self-described human optimization nerd focusing on biohacking and consciousness awakening and spirituality.


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Episode Quotes:

Find out what tools make you healthier. Mind, Body and Soul.

You cannot be a successful entrepreneur unless you are healthy.

If you are not happy when you create wealth, you are going to miss out on life, and you will die with regrets.

Money is a tool for happiness.


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