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Goal: Stop Being Disorganized – Organize Your Life: Featured Student

Jessica Leichtweisz

I knew that it was time. I had to stop being disorganized once and for all…

A little over a year ago, I came home to my basement apartment crying, a bottle of wine, my usual dinner, in hand. I had just had a meeting with my boss and was told that even though I was very good at what I did, I was just too unorganized to hold the position to which I had been promoted. He told me I needed to stop being disorganized if I wanted to keep my job.

I was provided with a paper showing how many times I was late to work, how many deadlines I missed, and meetings I forgot about. I was demoted to the role in which I started when I graduated college, at less pay, and was warned I would be terminated if I didn’t become more organized.

If I lost my job, I wouldn’t know what to do. My bank account was down to double digits. The fear of what would happen to me if I lost my job kept me up all night, every night. The stress of living in chaos had taken a toll on my body.

I had gained weight and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Due to some medical issues I was born with, my health was declining and I was being told there was nothing anyone could do to make it better. My doctor told me at the rate I was going, my best option would be to go on disability. At that time, it seemed like my only option. I was so close to giving up.

Then a friend suggested I take a course called Organize Your Life.

As soon as I heard about the course, I felt like it was an answer to a prayer. The only problem was that my credit cards were close to being maxed out. I had no idea if my card would work but I knew I had to take the class. Even writing this, I am getting emotional. My hands are shaking as much now as they did when I prayed the card would go through. It did. I still believe that my journey of organizing my life started at that very moment. It was as if there was an entire shift in my energy that redirected me to the right path.

When I started Organize Your Life, all I wanted was more money. I wanted to go to bed without wondering if I would be homeless if I lost my job. To be honest, at that time I couldn’t see past that. I had no idea that what I really needed was top stop being disorganized.

It was costing me in terms of my relationships and my health. Most importantly, it was preventing me from being the person I truly am and was created to be.

I made a commitment to myself to be “all in” while I was taking this course. I decided to dedicate one hour each day applying the principles I learned in the class. I recognize now that it was the best time and monetary investment I had ever made because it was an investment in myself.

In the first week, we were told to clean up our physical environment. Susan promised that by creating a clearing on the outside, we’re opening ourselves up to a cleansing on the inside.

At first, I was afraid to admit where I really was. I am sharing with you today the original pictures of what my “office” looked like and where I am today. Just cleaning up my apartment and decluttering my space served as a catalyst for me to begin down the path that would change my life forever.

During the course, I took a look at all areas of my life and faced things I had been afraid to in the past. I vowed to stop being disorganized once and for all.

I began to make small changes that compounded in turn, producing really big results. Looking back at my process, what made it so easy was the love and support I felt from Susan and from the other students in the group. Everyone genuinely wanted each other to succeed. Susan taught in a way that made it really easy, and I felt taken care of, not judged. When so many people are committed to a cause greater than themselves, the entire universe collaborates to make it happen. That’s what happened for me.

Even in writing this, it is hard to believe how different my life was just a short time ago. Today, I am a multi-entrepreneur, a published author and have made several appearances on radio and television. I have regained my health and now regularly run marathons. I have been able to relocate and am excited to say that I no longer stay awake every night, wondering what my future looks like. Now instead, I meditate every night before bed and decide what my future will look like.

All I wanted from Organize Your Life was to increase my income. What I got, was my life back. Organization is a process. I continue to take Susan’s courses because I learn something new every time, and because honestly, I don’t have it all figured out yet. I am off to a good start, but I am still in the process of creating new habits. But what I do know, is that getting organized took me from where I was a year ago to where I am today, and I continue to stay committed to the process. As Susan says, “I can be, do and have anything I dream.” And I dream really big.

Maybe you are thinking that you are not exactly the “hot mess” I was a year ago. But obviously, you wouldn’t be reading this if there is not something in your life that you want to be different. From the bottom of my heart, I believe that you too deserve to know what it feels like to wake up every day and get to be the person you choose to be. What if you are like me, and all you need to do to get that choice is become organized? I hope you choose to find out. I hope to see you in the next Organize Your Life course.

Taking the first class on the floor.
By the end or the week, I got a desk and created a more functional space from which to produce.
The second time I took the course, I added things to make it more personal. In hindsight, I may have made it too cluttered
Between the second and third time I took the course, I opened up an online business.  I had a 200% in growth in traffic to my website during the five weeks of the course after moving my desk.

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