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Meet this week’s Champion Angela M. We are so excited for  Angela and her family. They just welcomed baby number 4 during this last session.  Now balancing 4 children and 2 businesses, she has had her biggest breakthrough in time management.

Setting clear boundaries  and valuing her time  has allowed Angela to become more productive and create more space for stronger family bonds.

Way to go Angela! We are so honored to be part of your journey.

Angela’s Journey

Homeschooling? 4 kids? Marriage? Family time? 2 Businesses? Church? “ME” time? Workout? We all want it all. We have these dreams of having this perfect family, marriage, and job, but no one tells us how to get them to sync together. There is no manual, no perfect planner. We have all the pieces before us, but you have to figure out how to get the puzzle to fit together and start having a functioning life.

Before taking Susan Sly’s class, I had always considered myself an extremely organized individual. I had things in a planner and considered myself a doting wife and mother. I was extremely structured, possibly to a fault.  Even vacations that we took were planned to a “T.” I thought that I had to fit every single activity into my day. No time off, no break. And then, we were blessed to become pregnant with our 4th baby. You don’t have to have a baby to know that they can throw a kink in the “schedule.” This pregnancy was a welcomed excitement, but all we could think was, “How are we going to get everything done?”

 See, as we speak, we are in the middle of packing our home, running two businesses, homeschooling our little ones, traveling, and enjoying our newborn.  Under normal circumstances I would have gone completely bonkers!! There is no way a normal human being can juggle all these plates, right?

Wrong!! Everything is about balance and priorities. Through Susan’s class I now look at every moment as a blessing. Living your daily life can be hard work. No one, not even Susan, would say that it is easy every day. Life is about choices, and the choices we make show the people in our lives how much we care about them. We hear it all the time, “The most valuable thing we have is time.” This phrase is one I live by now. My time and my family’s time is valuable. Even my kids have an expectation that I have to meet when with them.

I have set office hours, and outside of those hours only my voicemail is available. I used to say ‘yes’ to everything, thinking that if I said ‘no’ I could be missing out on something really incredible. However, with Susan’s help in this class, I know either the opportunity will come back to me or it was something that was not meant to be, and I find great comfort in that. I no longer rush to get back to work; rather, I can enjoy these little human beings that we made and maintain the feeling that I get to enjoy what little time I have with each one of them, while showing them that work, family, and yourself don’t have to take a backseat.

-Angela M.

Susan Sly is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television and the CBN. Susan is the mother of five children and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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