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Organize Your Life Champion – OYL Champ – Georgia H

Meet this week’s OYL Champ, Georgia H.

A wife and mother of 3, over time, Georgia found herself in a state of guilt, chaos and overwhelm. Trying to juggle it all, Georgia knew something had to change – she needed work life balance.

Through her commitment to the process, Georgia has created a schedule that works, carving out ample time for family, work, and most importantly, herself.  She has achieved greater work life balance and balanced living.

All of us at Step Into Your Power are so proud of you.

Georgia’s Journey

Nine months ago my life was chaotic; I was moody, tired and feeling so out of control. Something needed to change.

I went to a Mindfulness weekend and was introduced to meditation. It was here that I learned the value of being present in today’s fast paced world, and how I needed to take time out for myself. I needed a life balance desperately.

I had been following Susan Sly on Facebook after watching her live at a conference two years ago and was mesmerized by her achievements and how she had managed to ‘Have it All‘.

I knew that she offered courses amongst many other things. I immediately purchased ‘The Shift‘ meditation and signed up for the Organize Your Life Course for later in the year.

Once I started implementing guided meditation I started to change. I became more relaxed and not as moody with my children.

I listened to all of the Step Into Your Power Podcasts with Susan, (even those that were from 2013) and was inspired, motivated and excited to start getting back on track and get organized.

Then children came along and everything was chaotic. I felt guilty for taking time for myself and  always put myself last.

I would take on others’ problems and had so much ‘stuff’ in the house and shed. I felt trapped and very alone living on the farm.

I was blaming everything around me but the only thing that could change was ME.

For five years my life has revolved around my three children and every day is different, there wasn’t a schedule as my kids never seemed to stick to one!

Previously I had always thrived on routine, micro managing school work, a dancing school, another job, plus social activities.

Organize Your Life has been instrumental in changing my attitude and daily practices. I am more focused on the job at hand, I have made time for me (meditation, exercise, catch up with girlfriends), and my children are happier because I am happier. Plus, planning makes things so much easier. I now have greater work life balance and life balance, in general.

Throwing out stuff, donating goods and just creating a clearing has made it enjoyable to be at home and in my workspace.

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the tools and skills I have gathered from taking part in this course.

I have already enrolled for the Fundamentals course in January and will be taking the OYL course again next year.

There is so much to take in that once is not enough, and I have loved the support from the class as well.

Thank you to Susan and the team at Step Into Your Power.

Many thanks







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