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William Moore was burned out for over two years as he fought to get his company acquired. He knew that there had to be a better way. Slowly and surely, he began to make some life changes and lead a more balanced life. After he, and his 3 co-founders, sold their company for $325 million, William decided to dedicate his life to helping others find more joy. In this interview, you will hear how this once depressed college student became a successful startup founder and eventually man on a mission to help others.


William’s Bio:

Will Moore, founder of “The Momentum Movement,” is a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and happiness expert. After exiting his delivery startup for a nine-figure sum, Will realized that “true success” is not just about finances, but nurturing and finding balance in ALL 5 core areas of your life (Mindset, Career & Finances, Relationships, Physical Health, Emotional Health & Giving back). He’s now dedicated his life to helping others discover how to run a successful startup and be the CEO of the most important business they’ll ever run, their lives. To do this will require replacing the failure habits built in each of a person’s five cores, and replacing them with success habits. His ultimate goal is to help others build momentum every day so they can fire on all cylinders on their way to becoming an unstoppable force – then pay it forward to help the rest of the world do the same.


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Episode Quotes:

Part of growing a business and being an entrepreneur, you have to have the desire backed by faith.

When you are setting goals, it has to tie into your strengths, your passions, and you have to have this unbelievable desire to succeed.

Life is all about the continual journey, having goals, reaching those goals, and setting new goals.


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