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Here we are with a handful of days left in 2017. I get it – between parties, gifts, life – there might not seem like there is enough time to get anything done. The temptation to put off your goals until January seems incredibly enticing however the reality is that if you want to crush it in 2018, you can’t wait until the New Year to act.

DO NOT STOP READING! I know – you are thinking, ‘Susan – I don’t have time to get anything else done.’ You are wrong. We always make time for what we feel is a priority and that is why this week’s 3, and next week’s 3, are going to help you make some progress in the remaining days of 2017 and set you up for a strong January.

I say this with absolute love – it is not too late to make your mark on this year. As one of my late mentors, Kathy Smith, used to say, ‘we’ve got this!’

We Have More Time Than We Think We Do

Sometimes we can feel as though it is all or nothing – we can’t possibly buy gifts, plan parties, and get work done. The truth is that we can get a multitude of things done, however we will not accomplish anything if we are in a constant state of overwhelm. I teach my students, and clients, that we always have more time than we think we do; it ultimately comes down to perspective.

When the temptation arises to go into overwhelm, a state that I do not frequent, I pause, take several deep breaths, and look at my calendar. If something is non-essential – it goes. Right now, for example, we are working on a big project, and that trumps all other work-related items.

On the personal side, I am obsessed with certain things when it comes to Christmas. I like my wrapping to be silver, to watch Love Actually with Chris, to bake with the kids, and truly enjoy the season. There are however certain things that are non-essential – do I need to wrap each gift individually or will gift bags suffice? I pulled out several of the still flawless silver gift bags from last year and am reusing them. This is saving me massive amounts of time, more environmentally friendly, and much less stress.

Time is about choice. Do we focus on wrapping gifts individually or do we book sales appointments and stick with the gift bags? Our results come down to where we invest our time.


When We Are Energized We Can Accomplish Anything

I just finished my Business Academy program where I assist small business owners in setting up their online brands. One of my students was struggling with trying to figure out who she was marketing to and you could see it on her face. In Wednesday’s workspace session, I did some live coaching with her and she got clear. Suddenly, full of energy, she wasn’t absorbed in all the things she ‘had’ to get done for Christmas, she was invigorated in business and life. This leads me to my second point – when we are energized, we can accomplish anything.

If we are rested, fueled, and have our head on straight, we are unstoppable. One of our new coaches, at one of our companies, recently told me that Einstein only slept in ten-minute blocks. I wholeheartedly disagree with that approach however I can attest from my own experience, and from my clients, when we are excited about something we can suddenly take on the world.

If you don’t believe me, think about when you first fell in love. Do you remember those late nights that led into early mornings? Somehow the energy of being in love fueled you on a small amount of sleep. The same is true in any aspect of life and business – energy will propel us to get things done.


When We Really Want Something – We Hustle

On Wednesday, I was on the phone with a friend whose company was in jeopardy of losing their largest client. He cancelled our lunch date, apologizing because he was on his way to New York to salvage the deal.

Even though it is Christmas, and he has young kids, he understands clearly what puts food on the table. He understands the power of the hustle.

In life, and business, when we want something, we cannot sit idly by regardless of the time of year. We have to hustle. If it is a priority, we do everything we can, and let the results take care of themselves.

One of my favorite sayings is this, ‘work like it’s up to me, pray like it’s up to God.’ I asked my friend if there was anything I could do, and he replied, ‘I am going to do everything I can and it is in God’s hands. God always has a plan.’

Alright my friend, time to GSD – Get Stuff Done. I wish you epic productivity, powerful energy, joy, and an amazing rest of your week.

Rock It!


Susan Sly

Author Susan Sly

Susan Sly is considered a thought leader in AI, award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and tech investor. Susan has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime, ABC Family, and quoted in Forbes Online, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, and more. She is the mother of four and has been working in human potential for over two decades.

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