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In business, and life, it is easy to set goals and many people do.  We tell ourselves that we are going to lose weight, make more money, and get more organized, however sadly, many of those goals remain unrealized.  Instead of getting what we want, we often start a new year in exactly the same place we were the previous year or further behind.  We again set more goals and often fail to make significant progress.

There is no end to the different methods we try.  We download the latest productivity apps, we read books, we attend seminars, seek gurus, and something still seems off.  The reality is that we can take in vast amounts of information however unless our beingness changes, our results never will.

Our beingness is how we show up in the world.  It is defined by Webster’s dictionary, as, ‘the quality, state, or condition of having existence.’ From our language, to our physiology, to our actions, to our emotional state – these things all contribute to our beingness.  Achieving goals isn’t based solely on one singular thing – I have witnessed people in action who fail to obtain their desired result; achieving goals is based on a combination of things which are all summarized in our beingness.  In other words – if we wish to shift our results, we must shift every aspect of our lives.

In my class, and my book, Organize Your Life, I teach people that when we shift our external world, our internal world shifts and that a cluttered mind creates a cluttered environment.  This creates the beginning of shifting our being.  We must be able to look at the world as a blank canvas and not as a cluttered, finished work.

Once we can step into possibility, we then must shift how we show up in that possibility.  The first step here is to begin with gratitude.  In the book of Matthew, verse [13:12], we are told that whomever shall be given, more shall be given.  One interpretation is that the person who deeply appreciates what they have, will indeed be given more.  If we cannot be grateful now, we will not be grateful in the future.

Many people tell themselves that they will be happy when a result happens.  They will be happy when they lose weight.  They will be happy when they get a promotion.  They will be happy when they make more money.  They will be happy when they find the ideal partner.  The truth is that these people are very unlikely to be happy.  They will continue to put contingencies on their happiness and thus never fully allow themselves to feel deep joy.

In order to live a life that is passionate, profitable, and where we create progress, we must be grateful for our lives now.  Your children may not be ideal however if they are healthy – be grateful for that.  Your partner may not make the money you desire, however be grateful that you have a partner when so many feel deeply alone.  You may not be making the money you want however be grateful that you have a stream of income when there are millions without work albeit a percentage of those are without work because they cannot find jobs in their field.

Gratitude is a trite term that is tossed around loosely.  Deep, profound gratitude is much more prolific.  Profound gratitude can bring us to tears.  It can be a catalyst for us to see things that we have previously missed.  Profound gratitude can illuminate what appears to be a dark, dreary existence as is embodied in Dicken’s Scrooge – a man with copious amounts of money and no joy whereas his poor lackey, Bob Cratchit, was a poor man with incredible joy.  Scrooge did not fully see his life until he found gratitude in his life.

In my podcasts, and on my Facebook Live show, I am doing a free, 4-week series on how to become more productive, passionate, profitable, and lead a life of progress.  In this series, I will be covering how to shift our beingness so we can live into the woman or man we want to be.  I encourage you to tune-in, share, and do the homework.  Imagine what can happen when you create permanent change now – what kind of life will you be having in the year ahead?

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