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Getting organized can seem overwhelming, especially when you are currently operating in chaos.

Yet, never underestimate the value and impact of getting organized on every area of your life. When become more organized, it can help you be more productive, achieve work life balance, and get happy!

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” Stephen King


Getting organized can do amazing things for nearly every area of your life. For years I have been teaching people how to create a schedule that allows them to become more organized, become more productive, and experience a greater level of balanced living.

Although scheduling can sometimes feel overwhelming or confining, the reality is it’s essential to the prolific results the majority of us want to achieve.

Getting organized through scheduling can in fact be liberating as we configure our time to align with the life we desire to establish.

With this in mind – here are five tips that have helped our Organize Your Life students step into their own power when it comes to scheduling. It is my hope for you that these assist you in getting organized and creating your own million-dollar schedule. The result of this effort being more balanced living and living a life that is less chaotic and much more fulfilling.

1. This is YOUR Life

One of the greatest mistakes when getting organized is trying to compare our schedule to someone else’s. Everyone has individual time demands and it is imperative we remember this is our life. Thus, we require a unique schedule that is conducive to what we have going on.

Factors such as a job, children, aging parents, an illness, training for a marathon, or anything at all, can alter our time. This is why it is important to look at our own lives and not look externally.

Start by making a list of what is important right now. Is your health a priority? Do you need to make more money? Do you have a child requiring your extra attention? It may feel as though we have a million priorities. Yet, after listing all of them – narrow it down to the core three. Your schedule needs to reflect these.

2. Your Schedule is Dynamic

Many people become overwhelmed with scheduling because they somehow feel that once a schedule is created it will dictate their lives for the rest of time. That could not be further from the truth.

Our schedule is dynamic. One week may be a little fuller than another. That is why it is imperative we re-visit the schedule often and adjust it accordingly.

In my own life I may be traveling for a speaking event or have several things going on with my kids. No two months, or weeks for that matter, ever look the same.

3. Use a Multitude of Colors to Create Balance

One of the things I ask our Organize Your Life students to do is to keep a log of how they spend their time. It becomes glaringly obvious what the priorities are after one week of journaling.

To create a balanced life – to experience more balanced living – you must understand balance is not a destination. Balanced living is something obtained day-by-day. Simple things like scheduling in time for a workout, or a date with our partner – or even a date with ourselves – must be programmed in our schedule.

When they work on getting organized, my students are asked to dedicate highlighters to specific activities. For example green may denote income production, blue for family time, etc. Each week should have a multitude of colors. This technique has helped many people feel much more fulfilled and productive.

4. Take it Week by Week

A great tip is to review your schedule on Sunday night for the coming week. Ask yourself – is there anything that needs altering? Does this look like a balanced week? Did I schedule in my workouts? Am I being realistic with my time?

Again, a schedule isn’t finite. Some weeks are going to be fuller than others. For the highly productive person, I suggest working in 11 week periods with the 12th week more of a down week. You can create a lighter schedule that week or, as budget permits, maybe book a three-day weekend or something you can look forward to. We all need to re-charge for those fresh ideas to flow.

5. Review The Night Before and the Morning Of

Before shutting down, review the next day’s schedule. I also suggest re-visiting the day the morning of. The most productive people I know have schedules that can change moment by moment and because of this it is imperative to have a grasp on what is happening.

Another benefit is that our minds are highly efficient problem solvers especially when we are rested. If, for example, you have an appointment with a potential client, and you look at your schedule the night before, your mind is working as you sleep to create an optimal outcome. Most people, who use this technique, tend to come into the meeting with fresh perspective and that often leads to a desirable outcome.

Lastly, if you have been resisting creating a schedule you are sending a loud, clear message to the world that you are not ready for abundance. Operating in chaos is never going to create the results you are looking for. I wish you the very best in getting organized and would love to hear about your progress. Please feel free to share this article with a friend and also visit us at

Susan is a balanced living expert. She is an author, speaker and self made millionaire. She has appeared on ABC Family, the CBN, written for Dianne Magazine, Oxygen Australia and many more. Susan dedicates time to philanthropy and projects that benefit women and girls all over the world. She is married to her best friend, Chris, and together they have five beautiful children.



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