What Does My Cousin’s Wedding Have to Do With Your Business?

I am writing this week’s 3 from Boulder, Colorado.  Last night I attended my cousin’s outdoor wedding which featured live entertainment and an opportunity to see some of my Canadian family members.  After the wedding, guests were invited to write a ‘message in a bottle’ – words of wisdom for the bride and groom on [...]

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The Thursday 3

Ideas and Inspiration to Improve Your Productivity I hope you are having a productive week. In business, nothing can throw us out of momentum like having to stop everything and deal with credit card fraud! That has happened to me personally on several occasions so I was a little bit obsessed with the Equifax Data [...]

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The Equifax Data Breach – Are You Affected? 3 Action Steps to Take Now

From May thru July of this year, over 143 million consumers had their personal information obtained by hackers in a monumental Equifax data breach leaving them vulnerable to a range of issues from the fraudulent use of their credit cards to identity theft.  As solopreneurs, and small business owners, you may be more vulnerable due [...]

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